Waipa Aluminium are authorised dealers of Amplimesh Security Doors and Insect Screens.  We manufacture and install security doors and insect screens here in Waipa and Hamilton areas.

We offer 3 different security door options to choose from: SupaScreen, Clearguard, and Amplimesh Grille


SupaScreen is a great option for protecting the doors and windows of your home against intruders with
amazing transparency so you can keep enjoying your view and the fresh air from the outdoors.
Constructed from woven high tensile 316 Stainless-Steel mesh, Supascreen is incredibly strong and
transparent at the same time.
A unique patented pressure process is used in the manufacture of SupaScreen to enhance its
strength, eliminating the need for visible screws or glue to clamp the mesh in place, this creates a
stylish looking door with a clean design.
SupaScreen doors meet the AS5039-2008 standard for security doors, meaning they have been
tested against impacts, cutting and attacks with objects.  Supascreen also repels knife attacks;
meeting AS5041 standards.
Amplimesh Suapscreen doors and window screens come with a 10-year warranty so you know you
are getting quality products.

Clearguard Security Doors

Clearguard security screens an innovative alternative to stainless steel security mesh screens (SupaScreen), or the traditional aluminium diamond grille screens (Amplimesh Grille).
Made from a perforated, structural grade aluminium mesh, Clearguard security screens are both strong and incredibly transparent. Keep out wanted guests and let the fresh air flow through your home.
Clearguard is a great looking alternative to the traditional grill security door and the smooth perforated aluminium looks stylish and more inviting than the traditional grille.
Manufactured using a unique patented pressure process, Clearguard security doors have been tested to Australian Standard AS5039-2008 and can be relied on for security at your home.
Clearguard can also be powdercoated to match the colour scheme of your home and comes with a
7-year warranty.



Amplimesh Security Doors

Amplimesh Grille security doors are an incredibly popular security screen and has been a fixture of many New Zealand homes for over 50 years. Grille doors are visually deterring for unwanted guests and a great barrier against preventing break ins. Our Grille security doors are made using heavy duty aluminium and stainless steel and are constructed using only premium materials and fabrication techniques.

Amplimesh hinged grille security doors have been subjected to a rigorous regime of impact jolts, jemmy attacks and pull testing under the AS5039-2008 standard, confirming that the structural integrity of the security door is maintained under stress. The doors also exceed AS5041.

Amplimesh grille doors have a long history of protecting New Zealand homes and their reputation has been proven over decades of installation and use.






Venette® Pleated Retractable Door screens

Venette® pleated screens are a stylish, technological solution to keeping bugs out.

Light, low profile, strong, and most importantly retractable, Venette® screens are a great solution for your home.
The fully retractable screen means that you can open your home up and not have screens or doors in the way, messing with your indoor/outdoor flow.
The strength of the screens is provided by high quality Kevlar cords which can resist strong winds and even the off human.
There are a variety of set ups available and this includes flush installation with the floor; there are no guide channels to trip up on!
Custom made in New Zealand in a wide range of powder coat colours and a choice of single, double or multi-screen options.








Cicero™ Retractable Screens

Cicero™ is an incredibly popular retractable screen around Europe and is now available in New Zealand. Cicero is an alternative to Venette that offers a flat, smooth finished mesh without the pleated look of Venette.
Made with the same quality frame as the Venette as well, means that the screens can be installed flush to the floor, eliminating trip hazards and allowing people to move freely in and out of the home without even noticing the screen frame is there.
Custom made in New Zealand the Cicero™ is perfect for our lifestyle and great for keeping the bugsout and night when we still want to enjoy fresh air.







Retractable Roller Screens

Easy to use, roller insect screens are a great, low profile product to help keep bugs out of the home and keep you enjoying fresh air.

The roller screens are custom made to your requirements, meaning they can be powder coated to blend seamlessly in with the home.

They are also constructed with a soft shut braking system that easily rewinds the blind on it’s own.









Framed Insect Screens Doors

Framed insect screens are a traditional way of installing insect screens on windows and doors.

All framed screens are custom made to the sizes that you require and are powder coated to match your home. These are a popular option that is cost-effective and easy to use. Available in hinged and sliding options to suit the situation, the screens are made with high-quality fibreglass to ensure a tough product and plenty of visibility.








Magnetic Insect Screens

Amplimesh magnetic insect screens are a great way to retrofit your home with an easy-to-use insect screen solution. Custom made to each window, our low-profile magnetic screens are hard to notice.
Made from lightweight, flexible materials, anyone; can use them young or old. The insect screens are made from high-quality glass yarn and coated in strong vinyl, so you can rest assured that our product will last the test of time.










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